Sisters Island Trip

Sisters Island Day Trip

Minimum 10 pax to go.

Departure time from Singapore: 10am
Departure location from Singapore: Marina South Pier

Departure time from Sisters Island: 5pm
Approximate arrival time in Singapore: 5.40pm
Arrival location in Singapore: Marina South Pier

1. Beach cleanup
2. Firestarting
3. Breadmaking
4. Sandplay
5. Waterplay
6. Snorkeling (optional, please bring your own gear)

1. Please bring your own food and water for the day. Food has to be in covered containers as there are monkeys who will try to snatch the food.
2. There's a working toilet but the water is not potable.
3. Please prepare sunblock, hat, insect repellent, or poncho if you need them. There're not many mosquitoes if you stick to the beach area, but if you wander into the forested areas, then, yes, there are mosquitoes.
4. Shelters are available with seats for elderly parents (like me 😜).
5. You can receive phone and 4G signal on the island but it is intermittent as the signal is not strong.

Cost: $50/pax, regardless of age
The boat fare is the same even for babies so the cost is the same regardless of age.
Tue May 1, 2018
10:00 AM - 5:45 PM SGT
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Sisters Island
1 pax ON HOLD $50.00
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Subar Darat Island, Singapore Singapore
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